Wine Making Bottling & Corking

When your homemade wine is ready, you want to distribute it in bottles. There is no real difference between any glass wine bottle, except for the color of the bottles.

Corks are a very important aspect of wine making since we want them to seal properly, not contaminate the wine, and not be a problem when it is time to remove them. Each of these can be accomplished by making use of a high quality wine cork, proper handling and storing and most importantly, proper preparation before they are inserted into the bottle.

There are basically 3 types of wine corks you can use seal your winebottles:

  • Natural corks: Not the first choice of most home winemakers because of the cost and ability to find high quality.
  • Agglomerate corks: The most common type used by home winemakers due to reasonable cost and excellent quality
  • Synthetic corks: Plastic, fairly expensive, but have been known to leak now and then. Can not be used with most hand corkers because of the density of the cork.

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